Liming station cooking copper
The front of Toad hall showing the 'Liming station', more of that when you arrive. There is a shady balcony and the liming station to sit out and enjoy the atmosphere. At the front of Toad Hall there is a large cast iron copper in which you may like to cook a paella, as fish is reasonably cheap and plentiful.
Toad Hall rear verandah Barbecue and clay oven.
The rear verandah and main barbecue area with working space and a large 'barbie'.
There is also a clay oven but this requires some skill to use.
banana birds Hammock on the varandah
Banana Birds feeding on the rear balcony. These views are of the rear balcony showing the hammock, obligatory in the Caribbean.
Birdie the parrot
"Birdie" the parrot