Castara, Tobago

  • 'Little Bay', Castara, Tobago
  • 'Big Bay', Castara, Tobago
  • Location of Gloucester Place and Essex Cottage

Castara is located on the northern, Caribbean, coast of Tobago. It is about half-way between Scarborough to the west and Charlotteville at the eastern tip of the island. This makes it the ideal base from which to explore the island.

Castara has two beaches: the Big Bay and the smaller Heavenly Bay.

In the Big Bay main beach area, you will find the Cascreole bar and restaurant, D'Almond Tree restaurant and various other food-stalls serving a selection of local cuisine.

The main supermarket is also located on Big Bay and here you can source most of your local needs to keep your kitchen stocked for your holiday. A medical centre is located on the bay road but is not staffed continually.

The Fisherman's Co-op is right there on the beach for fresh fish from the daily catch: just walk in and bargain with the fishermen for your seafood needs!

Freshly baked bread and cakes can be bought every Thursday and Saturday from the communal clay oven which is tended by the local ladies: a special treat!

Starting at the bottom of the village, by the river, you will find Chenos' Coffee Shop where you can enjoy a tasty breakfast and lunch. It is generally closed for dinner though. Opposite that is Marguerite's restaurant and further along, the D'Lime bar, where you can watch major sporting events on their wide-screen TV. As you progress up the hill, back towards Castara Villas, you will find Shirma's roti-shop and bar, which also does frequent open-air barbecues for all and sundry. Opposite Shirma's is the Community Centre where the village ATM is located. 50 yards further on, you'll come across Wallace's rum-shop, which has a good selection of wines, spirits and local beers.

The small Heavenly Bay is located at the bottom of Depot Road, next to Castara Villas. This is where you will find the Boathouse Restaurant and Taylors Auto Rentals for local jeep/car hire and tour guides for the rainforest. Fishing trips and boat tours can also be arranged from there.

50 yards further along the main road will take you to Ria's Eating Place, next to which is the access pathway to Castara Villas.

Welcome to paradise!

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