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Featuring two vacation rental villas -Toad Hall and Toad Heights
and two self-catering holiday apartments - Tadpoles and Leapfrog

Affordable Holiday Accommodation in Castara, Tobago

Situated in the village of Castara, Tobago, this holiday rental property offers comfortable accommodation for your vacation, close to the beach and local shops.

This accommodation is privately owned and operated and provides a perfect location for your Caribbean vacation. Castara Villas is surrounded by lush vegetation, fruit trees and flowering shrubs.

This rental property offers great opportunities for visitors to live in the local community and enjoy the beach, sun, sea and sand.

Toad Heights and Leapfrog above Toad Hall and Tadpoles.

We are grateful to for allowing us to present the following video, which is part of their review of Castara Villas. This video is also available on the YouTube myTobago Review channel.

Castara Bay Sunset - Castara Villa Rentals
Toad Hall  - Castara Villa Rentals Toad Heights and Leapfrog  - Castara Villa Rentals

Toad Hall

Toad Heights

Access to the properties is via a wide footpath from Northside Road road at the side of Bulkmasters Grocery Store.

The accommodation doesn't currently provide off-street parking, although it is possible for motorcycles to be parked outside the villas.

The location where the villas are situated offers visitors an opportunity to sample the local village atmosphere of Castara, adding another dimension to their holiday.

We recommend that you visit the myTobago site, a tourist guide to Tobago.